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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Naff Gadgets. . .what the?

The Handler...This device purportedly opens doors and mailboxes, and turns on taps for you. It also shows you what it would be like to be Captain Hook. Money-saving hint: A clothes hanger will do the same thing. The Handler's website makes a big to-do about nano technology, but we're fairly certain in this case they're using "nano" to mean "not very much." £6 from

Wii Fishing Rod...The folks at claim this little beauty will "enhance the fun of the game," but all it does is fit onto the end of your Wii-mote. Maybe you can use it to hang picture hooks on your crown molding, or fish for the weird goo that collects on top of your fridge. Only £10 to learn what "enhance" means.

The Beer Buggy...At first, a Beer Buggy might make sense if you're thinking about kicking back and getting drunk on the sofa. But once you're really plastered, you'll start to wonder why it's just a two-seater instead of a six-pack minivan. The more you use it, the more likely it is to crash, forcing you to get up to clean up the mess, when less mess was why you bought the thing in the first place. £20 at

The JooZoo Doggie MP3 Player...The JooZoo uses mp3s to soothe your pet, who probably had a taxing day lying around farting. It comes with 18k gold and diamonds to prove once and for all that your excessive money problem is nothing a solid coke habit wouldn't solve. Available in Korea for only £1,000 suggested retail. If you buy one, you didn't deserve your money in the first place.

Hello Kitty Cash Machine...This toy is great for little girls and fetishists who need practice giving their money to Hello Kitty. We're sure you can also get a Hello Kitty bank account where they'll give you back cash in the form of hearts and baby seal whiskers.£20 from

Colour Fusion Shower...Finally, a new age golden shower: Check out this LED that attaches to your shower head and changes color with differing water temperatures. Drag your stereo into the bathroom and remember what it was like watching Orbital in the rain at Glastonbury.£55 (Japan only) from


Joanne Casey said...

Colour fusion shower - wow, I love it!

Can the beer buggy be used as a chocolate fetcher?

An MP3 player for dogs....hmmm, Coco usually borrows mine.

chazza said...

What is Naff to some. .

I too thought there is possibility with a cheerful colour shower to wake one out of the sleepy head mood.

Yes Beer buggy..the chocolate buggy sounds better and hot chocolate too would be great. . lol x x