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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Going Green. . . How far does one take it . .I don't Adam and Eve it.

GREEN designers have invented women’s underwear made of WOOD.

APPARENTLY. . .The environmentally friendly knickers and bras use fibres from white pine trees.

There is no risk of splinters because the fibres are spun to create a silky-soft fabric.

Non-toxic dyes are used to eliminate allergic reactions.

The material has more microscopic holes for air circulation than polyester and twice the absorbency of cotton.

The French-designed range — marketed in the UK by By nature — is called g=9.8, the scientific figure for the earth’s acceleration.

WHAT CAN ONE SAY HA. . . . IF IT WAS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ADAM AND EVE IN ITS RAW STATE! !. . But they failed to mention washing instructions.

Do we wait till autumn till the trees shed their leaves and bark. . .


I am joking. . .Obviously we take them down to the river and beat them on the rocks X X X

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