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Sunday, 30 March 2008

A Cats life

If there is a choice to come back and here's hoping I can choose. . .

It would have to be a Cat, for starters they have the 7 lives thing...7 chances of stretching your life to the limits.

You can also be Black, Ginger, brunette or also mousy brown haired.

Free as a bird. . living the life in the wild hunting and catching your food Or being owned, spoiled to the limits of home, food on tap, cuddles, lying on the bed or even in front of that gorgeous gas fire.

(In Our home our boyz have just that. . ). Spend weekends away at their Grandads. My Dads when we are away on holls or just visiting and staying with my Dad. They have a Tuna day. A Chicken curry day. Fish and Chip day (minus the chips). Then their daily tipple of milk on tap.

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