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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sunday Read

Sunday for us in our house hold is a very slow relaxful day (Our cadbury's caramel day). If the boyfriend is at home, off work (which is normally one in two to three weeks unfortunately due to his work commitments). He tends to get showered, dressed and down the local garage for our Sunday paper while I usually make a good 'old English' for breakfast and pot of tea.

Or when he gets in from work on Our Sunday day of read, he normally brings the paper in with him. Sunday is not Sunday unless the paper has been read cover to cover to catch up on all the weeks news and gossip. except. . Forget the horoscopes (work, bills, and mortgage determines our future) and problem pages we have enough of our own I say.

Nowadays what with the papers spoiling us with the Sunday magazine, an extra read. AND IF LUCKY. . .the good old free DVD or CD. So who said Sundays are boring.

Then roll on Sunday lunch and pudding. . .

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