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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Ive seen and read it all now!

This is the latest news read in the Sun Newspaper. . Quote:URINE for a shock if you wander into this toilet post-pub needing a wee.
These glow-in-the-dark men's' loos are designed to save fellas from having to fumble around for the light switch.
They use special fibre optics to brighten things up and come in a range of colours.
But if stores reckon Brits are going to install these in their homes at £330 a pop, you could say they're taking the....

Well what can you say. . From a females point of view and experience. I have learnt ALWAYS TO WEAR FOOT WEAR TO THE THROWN. There is nothing worse than when you have to go in the dead of night, half asleep and trod in something wet.

It certainly wakes you wide awake having to jump in to the bath and wash your feet, then washing the bath out.

Luminus or not Men do splash and miss altogether especially when they have had one too many.

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