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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Emergency trip to Isti Towers. . . 21st April. The carrying of skirting boards from B&Q. . .N O T . . . BUSTED..Pinocchio. x x

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. . .In the words of Jim Royle "my arse". . LOL X X X

Ricky Tomlinson. . Takes a closer inspection and made everyone laugh with his usual inimitable catchphrase "My Ar....."from the series "The Royle Family"


Joanne Casey said...

I'm not sure of the full story but I like looking at the pics all the

chazza said...

Did you not get the Royal family
Shown down your end?

A BBC 1 comedy of a working class family. What ever knocks and turns life presents to them. They stick together and support each other through thick and thin as a family.

Jim Royal the father had a catch phraise..."My Arseeeeeee" When he did not believe someone was telling the truith. Smelt bull shite, or bollocks from someone. x x

Joanne Casey said...

I must have missed the episode with Isti in it, damn!

chazza said...

Sorry hun, if only he was, we'd be rollin in

Isti knows what I mean in this comment of x x