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Sunday, 22 June 2008

What is it all about. . .I read this and though OWWWW SO TRUE...What would you do?

A man asks you out for the first date. You're all nervous and excited because you think he's hot. Your heart starts beating faster when he gets close and you wonder if he's going to kiss you.

Then he does. And the thrill shoots all the way to your toes.

Each new touch, every new intimacy flushes adrenalin into your system, makes you hyperaware of his hands, his mouth, his eyes, his scent.

Then you find yourself naked, flat on your back, or bent over the nearest available surface. You feel the head of his cock prod your opening and a flood of chemicals surge through your bloodstream.

He trusts, you counter, and soon he's buried inside of you for the very first time. Stretching you, filling you.

Solid. Real.

Your nipples tighten, a wash of fluid leaks out of your pussy, your breathing deepens.

Then he moves. Your bodies work together in an age old dance that takes you to places no other activity on earth can take you.

One day you wake up and realize the thrill is gone. The sex is good, even great, but that adrenalin dumping thrill has abandoned you.

And you want to feel it again.

Do you dump the guy and go on the hunt for a new one? Or do you throw yourself into the relationship you've got, and learn just how intense an orgasm can really be between two partners that know each other, and have an emotional investment? LOVE. . .

ONE READERS COMMENT...from a guy...surprize surprize. . !!

"While novel is always exciting and casual sex is a completely different animal (in a good way), having an emotional investment takes porking to another level for me. I love loving who I'm shagging (or being shagged by).


chazza said...

Lust in the beginning will always have its h i g h.

I am a sucker for L O V E...with out it I feel what is the point. Sex/making l o v e e e of this kind I feel is more intense, meaningful and forefilling to the highest of levels.

When there is a lull or dry just understand the situations involved and understand the where falls. (Yeah you miss it. . .)

Love to me..loving and being loved wins it for me every time....x x

Joanne Casey said...

Right, that's it I'm trading mine in!

chazza said...

Ohh x x