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Thursday, 15 May 2008

From this. . .to the name of Beauty

Jodie Marsh
Talent always finds a way, but if you aint got any, there's nothing like getting your kit off to fast track your way to (in)fame(y).

We've honed in on the celebrity world's most shameless exhibitionists to give you the lowdown on those desperate attention grabbers who’ve made a mint displaying their bits to all and sundry, with only naked ambition and bare-faced cheek on their side.

Lovingly described by rival Jordan as having 'breasts like spaniels' ears' and 'a nose like a builder's elbow' (ouch!), Essex's most publicity-hungry bird Marsh shot to infamy wearing next to nothing in cheesy West End clubs.

I could not believe my eyes when I clicked on a link that said "people most famous for stripping off". I couldn't help but want a peek. To my shock the NOW picture of Jodie Marsh emerged...I thought no...some kind of joke photo touched up esp her boobs or Madam Tussauds wax dummy of her.

No it was really her now picture on yet another red carpet do. . .WELL THEY DO SAY BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER....Shame this girl has changed with botox and fake boobs (she said she would never ever do o o o...and). If I had a choice I would have stuck with the spaniels' ears myself.

Normally I wouldn't give ole Jodie the time of day. As she claims to have GCSE up to her elbows and she does this for a living. Apparently she was bullied badly at school and SHE says this is her way at getting back at her bullies. I bet her Bullies are still laughing even now...!!!

If these woman look like this in their late 20's OH MY GOD...WHAT ABOUT THEIR 40'S....I shudder to think.


Joanne Casey said...

I've always wondered what happens to implants when you get older, have they got a best-before date?

chazza said...

Apparently you (no you personally)need to change every 10 years. . owww the pain. Imagine what do you do when you retire. You need to put away a whole load to get a good return on your pension. .x x