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Saturday, 17 May 2008

The Growing process. . .

In Our teens we don't really think of the future, what is in store for us. Just that we have just left school and want to be recognised as AN ADULT.

One of our friends who turned 20 Years old we thought was OLD. (I remember that thought quite clearly). . When She came into college saying it was her birthday at the weekend. We were real happy for her especially since her family threw her a surprise party. But when she said "20". I did think wow she is old. . .Why no idea when I think about my reaction. Probably down to my maturity, probably because at that age of 16 we just do not look ahead.

On reaching 20 years old how that thought of being OLD just does not enter ones mind, but the plus side. By 20 I was driving for 3 years. 2 years of actually being taken serious in a pub in ordering and being served alcohol. I just could not be served until I really had reached that age to shove my birth certificate or driving license under their nose. Even then the bar staff would look closely in case of it being tampered with,along with giving me that odd stare with one of their eyes raised.

As for me, my height went against me as well as I JUST NEVER LOOKED MY AGE...(At that age HATED I love it that people do not believe my age). My birth certificate became a fixture in my purse as Night clubs was another place that just did not see me as being old enough. . My mates had a ball, as they were all either 2 or 3 years younger and got in without proof and I always had to prove. The Cinema. . (YES. . ) Going for an X rated was also a NO GO without my birth cert. . and I only loved horrors that I felt was worth queuing up for, for ages. (As we did in those days as there was no multi screens. .lucky if the cinema had 2 screens. One upstairs and one downstairs).

The rest of the 20's was an adventure to me. Pubbing and clubbing mainly. Learning from mistakes I could learn from and make again as I WAS YOUNG enough to learn from again and NOT REPEAT.

Thirty's well. . .It is great you know where you are at. What you want out of life and what you don't. What you will NEVER EVER DO AGAIN and YES WHAT YOU WOULDN'T MIND DOING AGAIN (nudge, nudge..wink

Forty's. . Have to get back to you on this one as I haven't quite got the hang of as yet. Still think and feel the same as my Thirty's really. I some times think..."NOW I AM FORTY FOUR + BURLY I SHOULD BE. . ." and then not giving it a second thought. As if it just does not feel like me and true to myself, why think I should be.


Joanne Casey said...

Youth's wasted on the young as they say. I would go back into the body of a teenager but not the mind!

chazza said...

Yes deffo...agree on you X