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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Mickey Rourke's . . .What happened. . Why oh why

Reported in the papers today..quote:With the pressure to look young and beautiful a curse of fame, it's no wonder poor celebrities spend their hard-earned cash on the latest cosmetic enhancements.
But the perils of plastic surgery are hard to avoid; trout pouts, freeze-frame Botox jobs and cling film face lifts liable to scare those of a nervous disposition are just desserts for those who fall foul of the surgeon's scalpel.

How I have seen it as I have grown up, and now a Woman myself at that age where woman around me keep taking about Plastic surgery or that question...Would you have something done. Looking for approval that it is o-k to have plastic surgery. Me no way hoza...I do not give my opinion as I just do not believe in tampering with nature. (that's just me).

It has always been since time in memorial of woman wanting more to look good than Men. Plastic Surgery Wow...I bet some woman have never looked back in the quest of looking even better (they say). The Pill when first came out/available I have read often was a revolutionary in the woman's Independence. Before that burning of the Bra was significant to again woman's Independence..then the vote.

Woman we are resigned and use to seeing the extent of plastic surgery they are willing to go through, go for. For how long and what it takes for what they are striving for...their idea of perfection. Then the horror pictures of what has happened of years of plastic surgery, we are not at all surprised.

Plastic Surgery is a growing process...those who do go forth and have the guts (as I certainly don't)to go under the knife are doing it at their own peril. They are a Guinea pig, they are risking their lives and if this is what they truly believe is the answer or even makes them happy. I am the first to say good luck to them and certainly wouldn't stand in their way.

But the year 2008. . .MEN..YES MEN...are coming to light in the papers of years of plastic surgery too. Mickey Rourke Is one who I look at in the Paper and say WHY...WHY OH WHY...He has had so much work done his face is immovable. He’s been stretched tight and shot up apparently by some of the worst plastic surgeons.Having had his facial bones reconstructed and his skin pulled to the brink of protest apparently. Numerous chin implants, rhinoplastys, face lifts and lip implant ops later, this once-handsome ex-boxer looks like he’s gone through 12 rounds with Mike Tyson.

Years and years just looks to keep getting worse as Rourke tries to undo what’s been done with more surgery.


Joanne Casey said...

Jesus! He should have grown old gracefully, there's no fixing him now.

chazza said...

I know. . a real shame. I bet he does regreat ever tampering with nature. He had such a manly/rugged look as in George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Robert De'niro etc.
Not as pretty pretty looks. (Manicured nails, eye brow pencil brow and mascara whats that all about. . .)